About us

The Ground Pound Clothing Company was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2016. Our founder used her part time t shirt designing business to customize motorcycle apparel to rock as she attended different events within the motorcycle community. Once other riders saw the infamous G# logo, orders for Ground Pound apparel followed. Soon, we were getting orders from around the country.

Ground Pounder?!!! Everyone has their definition of what a ground pounder is. Some say you have to ride so many miles and hit so many state lines in a year. We say ride YOUR ride. We don't know what your work, family or financial obligations are. We don't know what your health may be. What we do know is that you have a love for motorcycles and the peace it brings you when you're out getting some wind; How the stress of the real world takes a backseat when you're on 2s enjoying this beautiful country. So, whether you hit one or forty eight state lines in a year, enjoy the ride. To my wind brothers and sister, RIDE safe and ride COMFORTABLY in Ground Pound Clothing. See you in the wind!!!

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